AppVN APK Download: Installation Guide for Android / PC & iOS v6.45a

Appvn Pro BrandingAppVN is simply a third-party app store (or appstore) or app market which presents you a broad range of applications, apps. It has many apps that you will not easily get on the conventional/official app stores. Using this app store, you can download many application mods, game hacks, tweaked apks, modded apps, and free premium apps, apks. You can say it as one of the leading third-party application stores for various devices. The latest released version is (2018) Appvn Apk 6.45a and on July the new v 7.3a is updated. 

What is Appvn and How is it different from others?

AppVN Apk is an appstore so it has many apps on its platform. This moderately different in the mobile market.

However, it has made its appearance in a very short span of time and became popular among all. This variant app store is accessible from Android and iOS Smartphones. It is secure, comfortable, and user-friendly. Here, we are presenting the step-by-step to how to easily install AppstoreVN on Android and iOS.

This is a third party app store which provides most of the paid apps for free!

Want to install this app store on Android / iOS/ Windows Phone/ PC?

Yeah, you can install AppVN app store on Android or Windows Devices or iOS. I will explain these topics in detail. Please read the full post – “Complete Guide to Install AppVN on various & cross-platform Devices .”

How To Download APPVN APK Latest Version?

The only thing you need to side-load the Appvn Apk file on your android Gadget. We will help you to get the latest apk file easily. Go through these steps:

  1. For Mobile: Click on this link to go to the download page of the Appvn APK latest version. You will get a one-click download button. Your apk file will be downloaded as soon as you press “Download.’
  2. For Pc: Transferring the application to mobile from your Computer is very simple. If you have downloaded it on your Windows PC, you only need a USB Data Cable to sync the app from your PC to Android.

Download Appvn APK for Android

⏬Download Appvn Apk ⏬

Note: The latest available apk version was – Appstore v6.45a. Now, on July 31, it is updated to Appvn v7.3a (158).

We use Super-fast and highly Secured Servers for downloads. And, the Official Apk file is 100% Virus Free.

Having a doubt, Want to Scan the downloaded file?

Oh.! Sure. You can go to this link and scan that file with Virus Total or use any Anti-malware/Antivirus software on – Android & Windows Device both.

Okay, now you have finished downloading the app!

What are the Features of AppVN App Apk Pro? [ COM | Day r premium]

As AppVN has already built its trust with the Android and iOS device users, it is slowly acquiring the Windows Application market also. So, download AppVN and enjoy it’s mind-blowing features:

  1. Less Battery Consumption & elegant material design of this app make you feel refreshed.
  2. The developers’ logs show they are actively removing the Bugs and issues fast.
  3. It gives you access to 1000+ apps, games, e-books, ringtones for free on AppVn 2018.
  4. It has a clean & easy-to-use UI compared to other app market stores.
  5. The best feature of AppVN is: it has a larger selection of popular apps like modified versions of Instagram and Whatsapp, Minecraft, etc. Isn’t it cool?
  6. Unlike Google Play, it has no in-app purchases. It is one of the only app stores which gives most of the premium apps for totally free-of-cost.
  7. Also, it features famous games. Additionally, it gives you all premium games for completely free-of-cost.
  8. AppVN takes very less memory, and it updates so fast – that doesn’t consume your RAM and resources usage. Also, it occupies less space out of your limited storage.
  9. It gives a Quick Search bar: it auto-suggests apps when you enter the name of an app, e-book or game in their search bar. Thus AppVN saves your precious time.
  10. A new Update released to your app? or Game? Ohh… AppVN updates that app in real time. Sometimes, it introduces downloads before the official online release.
  11. This is your mobile-friendly app store: works on Windows, iOS, and Android without any lags.
  12. You want to install it on your Windows Phone [or Windows PC?] Yes, it supports both!

Bonus Tip: if you root your device or jailbreak your iPhone, you will get the Administrative Access to the app.

Download AppVN For Android (Apk Version)

App stores like Google Play suggest you some amazing free and promotional apps from reputable developers as featured app of the day or “free premium app of the day.”a discounted premium app,” or some “weekly money-saving.” 

But… that is limited to Google’s Policies, and for this, we have to look for other apk sources like Apkpure, Apkmania, etc. Appvn is a stunning third-party app repository for Android Devices that have many Premium apps that Play Store doesn’t have.



Searching for Google Play for “Appvn”?

SORRY!!! Appvn isn’t yet available in Play Store. Then, you must be thinking about its download availability. We know this, and we don’t want you to miss out such prominent features that AppVN has.

Here, we care for you – we are introducing the ‘Method to Install Apps from Outside of Play Store’ i.e. side-loading. Rest assured this method does not require rooting your Android-Gadget.

A Great App for Nintendo game in your Android device that too without any lags. Download Drastic Ds emulator apk for Free.

How To Install AppVN APP [apk] On Your Android Gadget?

You will get the latest ‘APK Version Appvn v7.3a’ file of 14.9mb after the AppVN APK download is complete. We will assist you further with the installation process. It is a tricky process, and by this, you will have your app installed within in seconds.

You need to follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” on your Android device > Click on ‘Security,’
  • Find the option Unknown Sources > Tap to “Turn On” – this option enables third-party application installs on your device. It is known as “Side loading.”
  • Open your File Explorer and go to the location where you downloaded the apk file of Appvn, Or if you have downloaded on PC, then transfer it your Downloads folder (or any) as you want.
  • Now, just click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process. You will see a confirmation Pop-up for installation, Hit ‘Install’ to proceed to the next step.
  • Just wait (for some seconds) until the completion of installation.
  • Voila! You got your AppVN app store. The installation is now complete.
  • Open the application > Search & Download your favorite apps, games, ringtones among the thousands of available applications.

Want to Install AppVN on iOS or Windows Device?

you may ask…

Why use another Android/iOS/Windows app store?

There are multiple reasons that you might go beyond the Google Play usage. You may have come across some alternative Android/ iOS or windows app markets which offer some extra Perks of benefits to attract users at their best. Move on to know, “How you can get AppVN download 2018 ios!”

How to Get ‘AppVn Apk Download’ For Free?

Take Appvn pro apk with you and enjoy Gaming, Chatting, Reading e-books and all without worrying to find your Payment Methods.


You’ll also consider alternative Android app stores to maximize your brand exposure and ultimately your income; if you are a famous Android developer.

The answer is: Google Play like stores have apps which you need, but not every app they have. Even if a lot of apps are available, you need to pay for those apps. They’re are Paid apps. But, Appvn app store is different. Here, you can get all the paid apps for free and also the apps that are not available in the play store, windows store or app store.

The Google Play Store has more than a million apps on its servers, and those get billions of downloads every month, but it’s not the only place to get apps. There are many cool alternative app stores of Google or iOS or windows for you to use anytime you want.

how to get appvn - step1
how to get appvn – steps

AppVN APK 2018 & Apk Download Free

AppVN will get you – offers most of the Ebooks, Ringtones, Comics, Games, and applications for free. The attractive feature of this AppVN APK is it offers comics for free. You will get this App available in two languages: one in Vietnam and another version is in English.

You will wonder to know that AppVN originated from Vietnamese developers, so the app is by default set to the Vietnamese language. Though, you can easily change the language of Appvn by following the below-mentioned process.

The app is multi-platform supported:  Android, iOS, and Windows Phone market place work flawlessly.

Google Play Store vs Appvn Store

Some apps like SuperSu have millions of users, as so their strict terms and conditions, they are not available in most of the app stores as mentioned earlier. Several app developers do not prefer to outsource their app install in individual app stores. The developers rather prefer promoting their apps through third-party app repositories like 9Apps, GetJar, Amazon App Store.

Google Play Store is strict in it’s App Publishers’ T&C. So, some developers fear the removal of their apps from the app store. This fear of loss forces them to host their hard-worked apps on multiple other Apps stores.

Resolving all these problems, “Appvn Pro Apk- The Ultimate Mobile App Store” came into the trend. Move down this page to get Setup files of Appvn download iOS/ PC Windows/ APK.

Similar App Stores To Appvn You Need To Know

The Appvn Alternatives come into action with similar features that the Appvn App Store offers. We are talking here about the other App Stores that are dependable and safe for apps -download Appvn App Alternatives.

With so many advantages within Appvn APK Download, there are few flaws that revolve the surface and can not be neglected at times. Hence for these reasons and a few more, we will be discussing the Alternatives to the Appvn APK Download for your Android or iOS devices in this section.

Here is a list with short description about the alternative app stores of Appvn Store that exist and are reliable in the market ;

Google Play Store:

As we know, the Google Play Store is the official App Store for Android users to search apps and download them. Certainly, it is the biggest app marketplace for Androids but it contains both paid and free apps and it is clearly as per developers norms. There is no hack or mod you will get for original apps. Google Play is one of the alternative of App vn Application Store.

iTunes App Store:

Similar to the Google Play Store for Androids, there is the iTunes App Store for the Apple’s iOS devices. This can replace the need of the Appvn APK Download for all iOS device users easily. The services offered by this app store is incredible and allows all iOS device users to get legal apps from it. It needs account verification and transactions for paid apps.


In this app store, users can find all the apps which are hard to find in the Google Play Store. SlideME has extensive search features and its apps are reliable for download. It also provides many safe apps which are not available in the Google Play Store. Appvn store fills the gap.

Amazon App Store:

Another renown name in the market is the Amazon App market. It as numerous amount of apps for users to download all across the world. It offers some free apps and few paid apps too. The amazing thing about this app store is that it has plenty of offers on the table for the users. Appstore like AppVN are different when compared to these whales.

1Mobile Marketplace:

This is also a new and trending app store that allows users to get exclusive games and apps through it. It is a quality platform that allows safe and fast download of apps for Android devices. The app store focuses mainly on games and it has as many as 60,000 of them as of yet. This App store serves as one of the best alternatives of the Appvn APK Download.

Here ^ is the guide on the complete list of best alternatives app stores to AppVN.

Try any of these alternatives to get the Appvn APK Download for your Android/ iOS devices. I think you have read the full guide on how to install Appvn and now you are ready to go or, look up for more information on the web. We hope you find the optimum and deserving alternative which you are looking for that can provide you with all the services. Get appvn apk free download from above links.